Reservations and tickets

Q: Where can I get tickets in Lahore?
A: Visit our reservation office at Lahore railway station or get it delivered to your home.

Q: Where can I get tickets in Karachi?
A: Visit Upper class reservation office at Karachi Cantt Railway Station office.

Q: How can I make payments?
A: Please pay cash at our Lahore and Karachi reservation offices. You can also transfer cash directly to our bank account.

Q: What is the difference between classes?
A: All classes offer same facilities except fare. The earlier you reservation, the better fare you get.

Q: Can I make reservation online?
A: Yes, please use our online form to send your resevation. Make payment within 24 hours to confirm your reservation.

Q: Can I pay through credit card on website?
A: Currently we are not offering this facility.

Q: Is there any discount for groups?
A: No

Q: Is there any discount for children and infants.?
A: Children (under 10) get 30% discounts. Infants (under 3) travel free. Please bring age proof for confirmed reservation.

Q: Is there any discount for students?
A: No


Q: How long will be the total journey?
A: 18 hours approximately.

Q: What free facilities are available inside train?
A: (a) Separate cabins for 6 passengers/families. (b) LCD with music and video channel. (c) Soft drinks, tea, snacks, dinner and breakfast. (d) Paramedical staff and direct access to local 1122 emergency service. (e) Power outlets for your laptops. (f) Security guards

Q: Will this train stop at other stations?
A: This train will stop at Khanewal and Rohri railways stations for 20 minutes.

Q: Do you offer off-loading at Khanewal and Rohri?
A: Yes. Please note that full Lahore-Karachi fare is charged.


Q: Do you book cargo?
A: Yes. Cargo booking will start from 3rd Feb 2012.


Q: When this service will start for other cities?
A: Currently this train service is available for Lahore-Karachi only. Other cities are included in our long term plans but nothing concrete yet.

Q: Who is running this train project?
A: This project is being run by Pak Business Express/Four Brothers International Pvt. Limited, a privately held company.

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